3 Basic Rules While Pregnant

The gateway to motherhood is not an easy task. For some, it requires more than just having sexual intercourse during your fertile days, look shaundona.com/onexton-reviews.html. To have a healthy pregnancy, preparation is much needed to avoid pregnancy and fetal complications. The preparation is more than just physical but psychological, emotional and financial as well.

The very first thing that needs to be done once your and your partner decided that it is about time to get married is have a pregnancy check up. Choose an OB-GYNE, either recommended or by thorough research and discuss your medical history with your doctor. It can be helpful to get screened for STDS and other reproductive infection too. Don't miss out on your past infections such as chicken pox, rubella and other infections that involves your immunity. You may or may not need vaccination depending on the different infections you had experienced.

Stop contraception and start new pills

You cannot get pregnant if you're on contraceptive pills. Stop the pills at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant. Instead, start on vitamins with folic acid. Folic acid is highly suggested in pregnancy to avoid neural tube defects for the baby. Also make sure you have enough vitamin B6 and zinc because it helps improve your fertility and lessens morning sickness.

Say goodbye to vices

Drinking and smoking is a big no-no during pregnancy. It should also be avoided if you are trying to get pregnant. Alcohol and nicotine can cause birth defects. Studies have also shown that a fetus exposed to nicotine or smoke, either from the mother herself or secondhand smoking can increase the risk of the child developing to ADHD, and colicky infants. It is best to stop smoking 8-10 months before trying to get pregnant.

Be healthier

Choose the right kinds of food. Avoid junk and most of all, reduce weight if you are overweight or obese. You may have difficulty getting pregnant or put yourself at risk for premature delivery. The child is also at risk for birth defects so make sure you live a healthy and active lifestyle.